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Strategy Meeting 101

It is time for the first round of Area Visits. Some members and clubs love to see their Area Governor. Some members and clubs don’t necessarily love to see their Area Governor. In fact they view the visit as an inconvenience and a waste of time. In reality the visit of your Area Governor makes sure every Toastmaster members’ communication and leadership goals are being met.

What should you as a member expect from a visit from your Area Governor? How should an area visit be done? What is in it for me? What should I be looking for? What do you mean you want time during our meeting to visit? We can’t give you 5-7 minutes we already have speakers. Didn’t we just have a visit?

Whoa! Time Out! So many great questions, time for a strategy meeting with Q&A.

  1. Expectations from your Area Visit are important.

    • You can expect your club will have a success plan discussed and put into place to make sure you are achieving the goals you joined Toastmasters for.
    • You can expect you and your club have resources that you can utilize to make your Toastmasters experience fulfilling.

  • You can expect a good role model of preparation, timeliness, and cooperation.
  1. Ideal Area Visit.

    • An appointment prior to visiting
    • A prepared presentation
    • Use of the time allotted
    • Follow up
  2. What is in it for you?
    • Exciting meetings
    • High quality meetings
    • Enthusiasm
    • Concern that your goals are being met

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