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No More Volunteers For Me!

Wasn’t your last visit to the Dr.’s office fun?

You walk in the door the receptionist tells you to fill out a form. Then tells you to sit and wait. Then tells you to go sit in a room and wait. The Dr. tells you what to do to get better. He tells you to take this medicine every day until you are better.  You leave with a feeling of success. I went to the Dr. He told me what to do to make my life better.


Did this happen when your car started making terrible sounds. The mechanic told you to fix the front shock, replace the steering linkage outer tie rod end, align the front end and drive safe. Then you paid him to do the repairs and you drove safer on the roads. He told you what to do and you felt better.


You went to work. You were told to do a job. You earned money. You fed your family. You felt better.


Did the Dr. ask for volunteers to sit in a cold room in an open backed gown? Did the Mechanic ask for volunteers to sit in his shop that smelled of 63 different petroleum products? Did your boss ask for volunteers to be away from their loved ones? The common theme is that at times we need to be told what to do by someone of knowledge and confidence. When the decision is made, we do it. We will feel better.

So would we want someone to ask us to volunteer to do something uncomfortable like speaking in front of a group? In Toastmasters you have signed your application, paid your dues and are now sitting in the meeting. Do you want overflowing

someone to ask you to volunteer to do something they are uncomfortable with to do something  you are uncomfortable with? 

I can hear the silence in the room. No one volunteers to be Uncomfortable!

I have made a commitment to be in this room. I want to improve my speaking and leadership skills. Help me. If I am asked to volunteer, I may chicken out, not raise my hand. When I am told to step forward, I know I could say no or renegotiate, but I remember I made a commitment to improve myself. Someone with knowledge and confidence told me what to do. I trust them. They have knowledge and confidence.  I will feel better.

You can be an empowering leader by eliminating "Volunteers" from your vocabulary. You have knowledge and confidence. Tell people what they need to do and let them do it. Remember they can renegotiate or say no.  Likely they will be better for doing what a knowledgeable and confident person told them to do and not regret it.

I was told by a knowledgeable and confident pretty woman to take the Area governor leadership position. I was uncomfortable, and I feel much better now for doing it. I tell you, “Ask for no more volunteers. Tell us what to do.” You have your unique knowledge, now share it with confidence.

Be a leader by example. Help us make the choices in our lives, tell us what to do.  We will feel better because of you.


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