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There’s a New Club in Town!

¡Buenos Días! Hello!

Now, you can practice your speaking, thinking, listening, and leadership skills and polish that high school or college Spanish! A new bi-lingual Toastmasters club will soon charter in the Lakewood-Wheat Ridge area. New members are welcomed!

The club meets for from noon to 1 p.m. the first and third Thursdays of the month at 2850 Young field Street – across from McDonalds. The group has been meeting for about six weeks. Several members have already given their icebreakers and some are working on their second speech. The introductory portion of the meeting is in overflowing

both Spanish and English. The prepared speeches and evaluations are in Spanish and English – each individual has to determine their comfort level in either language. Table topics and the word of the day are presented in Spanish and English. Members respond in English or Spanish. Come and visit and enjoy yet another mind-expanding experience in Toastmasters. (The club could use at least two more Toastmasters to be charter members of this club!) For more information call the club sponsors, Helen Hankins and Mike Mauser at 303 862 6036. Helen and Mike are members of a bi-lingual club in Phoenix Arizona.)

For the Record –


DTM’s to Be Recognized at District Conference

Eighteen DTM’s who achieved the recognition during 2009-2010 will be recognized at the Hall of Fame Luncheon. They include
Bea Macliz, Pueblo Toastmasters;
Darcy Lewis, Body Shops;
Mary Davis, Aurorators;
Judy Lloyd, Thunderbolt Orators;
Hugh and Gina Curley, Double Talk;
Michelle Chapman, Apple Polishers;
Niki Moore, Currently Speaking;
Robert Davis, Razor City;
John Mullin, TLC Club;
Alan Swartz, Summit;
Laura Rayle, WRY Toast;
Chuck Maher, Artfully Speaking;
Susan Schleuder, Highlands Ranch;
Chris Swanson, Toastmasters at Memorial Hospital;
Karen Kitzky, Toastmasters at Memorial Hospital;
Julia Davis, Night Speakers;
Elinora Reynolds, Absolutely Articulate.
Congratulations to all these Toastmasters.
Clubs Achieving President’s Distinguished Status

Ten Years in a Row
3044   Pikes Peak Toastmasters

Nine Years in a Row
2977   Cherry Creek Toastmasters
3577   Speakeasy II
2177   Littleton Toastmasters

Eight Years in a Row
1518   High Noon Club

Seven Years in a Row
4128   Toast of Inverness

Six Years in a Row
3680   Castle Rock Club
644254 Toastmasters at Memorial Hospital

Five Years in a Row
9375   Talking Ideas

Four Years in a Row
1399   South Suburban
631413 Speak with Ease Club
873616 Ranch Raconteurs Club
889564 Lunch Out Loud

Three Years in a Row
3654   Savvy Speakers
5314   Noonshiners
2228   Daybreak Toastmasters Club
821    Body Shops Club

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