Coaches Corner


Jennifer Zerba, ACS, ALB Lt. Governor Markrting

Congratulations on getting the 1st round of Area Visits completed! I hope everyone enjoyed working with each other. This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship that will blossom into a trusting and learning relationship where everyone will have the opportunity to grow. You may be wondering how your Area governor can continue to help, how you can help them and what your advantage is.

Now that you know who your Area governor is, utilize them! Ask them for advice and help because they are a wonderful resource. There are so many opportunities available for members. Consider doing a Youth Leadership Program with your local 4-H club. Make use of  The  Better  Speaker Series,The Successful Club  Series The Leadership Excellence Series. These are wonderful modules to help your fellow members and club perk up their skills. Start your own club’s Speakers Bureau! Your Area Governor will be thrilled to help you conduct and promote these activities.

What can you do? Be the leader you expect others to be. If you have concerns… have solutions. If you have ideas step up and volunteer to chair the committee to make your ideas happen. We are an organization that thrives on creativity! Be creative and think outside of the box. How can I promote my club? How can I help more people benefit from Toastmasters? How many people will I invited to a meeting? How many flyers or brochures can I hand out? Imagine if everyone in your club worked together for the common good? You don’t have to be a club officer to make a difference. Tell your club and Area Governor that you would like to help. Put me in coach, I am ready to play!!!

How are you going to benefit? It is all up to you. To tackle your dreams, set goals and make a plan for yourself. Work with your mentor, club and Area governor to follow the plan. Challenge yourself to the next level. When you have the occasion to give a speech outside of your club…take it! Have a fellow Toastmaster evaluate it. Always get credit for the work you do. So many times we do projects or speeches without filling out the leadership manual or communication manual. When in doubt if what you are doing will work for a project, ask. Only you can make you successful.

I appreciate you and everything you do to make this world a better place. As Toastmasters we are doing it one member at a time. I leave you with this quote by Bruce Barton: "Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe something inside them was superior to circumstances." Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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