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Our Mission

We strive to create a bond among all the clubs of the district by sharing our experience, resources, and recognition through an interactive media.

Our goal is to make every toastmaster feel competent, appreciated, and connected.

Please send your questions, tips, comments, and articles to the editor, gordonsavage@msn.com, by the 20th of each month in order to appear in the next issue. Visit the web site for submission guidelines.

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Denver International Airport

District 26 includes Colorado, the Eastern Slope of Wyoming, and the Nebraska panhandle. It was formed in 1948, with Gordon Merrick serving as its first district governor.

Four past District 26 governors have risen to the International level:

Don Paape was international director, 1966 - 68 and international president 1972 -73. It was during his term that women were first admitted to Toastmasters International. Watt Pye was district governor from 1969-70 and international director from 1970 -72; Dorothy Chapman served as district governor, 1989-90 and international president from 1990-92; and Beth Boaz was D26 governor from 1995-96 and international director, 1997-99. Marilyn Boland served as the first female District 26 governor in 1975-76.

In 2000, Ed Tate, a member of Cherry Creek Toastmasters, won the World Championship of Public Speaking. Ed is now the principal of a professional development firm that provides keynote and endnote presentations, workshops, and other training. He has spoken professionally in 46 states, 12 countries and on five continents, authored a book, contributed to two others, and co-produced two audio albums.

In 2007, Rory Vaden, also a member of Cherry Creek Toastmasters, was the first runner-up in the World Championship of Public Speaking. He has since co-founded a multi-million dollar public training company and been featured on Oprah Radio with Dr. Oz and in SUCCESS™ Magazine.

Peter Coors joined a Toastmasters club at the Coors Brewing Company early in his career to gain the skills and confidence needed to appear as the company spokesman for a series of national TV commercials. He is the Chairman of the Molson Coors Brewing Company and of MillerCoors, chairman of the board for the University of Colorado Hospital Foundation, and part-owner of the Colorado Rockies.•

Musings from the Editor

"The primary focus of your brand message must be on how special you are, not how cheap you are.  The goal must be to sell the distinctive quality of the brand."

– Kerry Light,
Brand Strategist

New Format

As you’ve probably noticed, this issue of the Dialogue has a new format. Toastmasters International has been putting increased emphasis on branding, and the district wants to make the Dialogue more readable. Both objectives are important, and we’re striving to work them into both district website and the Dialogue.

You’ve probably heard more than one person say, “Toastmasters is one of the best kept secrets.” TI is trying to do something about that by consistent branding throughout the districts. To support that and to emphasize our membership in the organization, we are redesigning the district website and the District Dialogue to conform to the branding used by TI.

In addition, the Dialogue is one of the principle means of communication between the district and the members. For it to be effective, it has to be read. The articles need to be important, brief, and interesting. This new format is intended to encourage contributors to write meatier articles and encourage you to read them.

Remember this is your newsletter. Take a good look at this issue and let us know what you think. What are you looking for in a newsletter? Are the articles interesting? Do they talk to you? What don’t you like and how would you improve it? As Toastmasters you’ve been developing your skill at evaluating. Use that skill now and let us know how to make the Dialogue more meaningful to you and other Toastmasters.