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Jan 8 Toastmasters Leadership Institute – Denver, Red Rocks Com. College
Jan 13-15 Mid-Year Training, for Trio
Jan 22 Toastmasters Leadership Institute – Cheyenne
Jan 29 Toastmasters Leadership Institute – Fort Collins
Feb 1 Talk Up Toastmasters Membership Contest Begins (ends March 31)
Feb 5 Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Colorado Springs
Feb 19 Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Gillette
Feb 28 Last day to complete Club Officer Training
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Club Coaching News – Denver TLI Club Coaching Seminar

When: Club Coach Training at Denver TLI on January 8, 2011
Where: Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood Colorado
Who: Current and former Club Coaches, officers and members of clubs with 12 or fewer members, Toastmasters working on the leadership track towards DTM.

You are invited to attend a training class, discussion group at Denver TLI. We will be discussing the following:

  • Club Coaching program, brief overview
  • How to get a coach for your struggling club
  • How to work successfully with a club coach
  • Hard-won lessons, advice, and strategies from current and former club coaches
  • Why serve as a club coach? Leadership learning challenges and opportunities
  • Tools for coaching success

If  your  club  has  12  or  fewer members, and is willing to work with 1 or 2 coaches, please contact me ( Many struggling clubs could benefit overflowing

from working with a coach to build membership and work on SMART (Specific-Measureable-Actionable-Realistic-Timeframed) goals in their journey towards Distinguished status. Why bother with striving for Distinguished club status? The Distinguished Club program is a valuable metric to measure success of your club in the following areas: (1) Are members setting and achieving communication and leadership goals? (2) Is your club attracting and sustaining membership in sufficient numbers to hold energetic meetings with all roles filled? (3) Is your club operating efficiently and maintaining communication with your Area/Division/District by submitting dues and officer lists on time? (4) Is your club knowledge base sustainable; i.e. are officers being trained? If 1 or 2 key members leave your club, would you have the ‘corporate’ knowledge to sustain the quality of your meetings and still operate efficiently? The Distinguished Club plan was crafted to provide SMART goals for your club’s success.

Other news: The journey of District 26 Club No. 1028217 Absolut Skaal Masters to reach Distinguished status in FY2010 is recounted in Club Coaching News publication published by District 8. Coaches Dawn Kirk and Elizabeth (Bette) Frick worked with this club for 2-1/2 years. Access their story using the following link.

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