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First Quarter Stats

Whew, we made it through the first quarter of the year already and we are making strides towards our goal line. I thought this would be a good time to let you in on our current district statistics for the year. We are shooting for a distinguished district, which means we have to meet all of the goals set for us by Toastmasters International. Simply stated they expect us to have 171 paid clubs. 7041 paid membership renewals (3520 in October and 3521 in April). 331 Competent Communicator (CC) awards, 160 Advanced Communicator (AC) awards, and 182 Leadership (CL, DTM) awards. I believe we can make these goals as we already have a significant forward position in the game.

As of November 19th, Toastmasters International has posted that district 26 already has 171 clubs on record, but 9 of them are not yet paid up for October or are short dues. If those 9 clubs were to renew this month, we would meet one goal, go team! We currently have 3005 paid memberships (85% of the October goal). Assuming each unpaid club has 20 registered members, those 9 clubs would contribute 180 additional paid memberships, that gives us a total of 3185 paid memberships (90% of the October goal). If each club adds just two more new or renewing members this year (170 * 2 = 340), that boasts the total to 3525 and we reach our second goal. Our educational goals stand at 117 Competent Communicators (CC) or 35.3% of the TI CC goal so far, 46 Advanced Communicators (AC) or 37.5% of the TI AC goal and 72 Leadership (CL, DTM) or 39.5%. All of these numbers are substantially above target so far, but we need to keep driving to the goal line.

What does this mean to you, the members? Simple, if we meet our goals, it means that your clubs are meeting their goals and every member is getting out of Toastmasters what they joined for initially, satisfaction! That is the real prize that my team is aiming for this year, the distinguished district award is just a measurement to help us gauge our progress towards the clubs’ success goals.

One way to determine if your club is successful is to use the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) as a measurement. Think of the DCP as the goal post, every team needs a goal to aim for. The ten stated goals are overflowing

a way to measure the growth of your club and the success of the educational program based on awards granted for projects completed. Clubs that use the DCP as a regular measurement of their success are often the best clubs rated by their membership. Is your club measuring their progress? Is your club one that your members would rate tops in satisfaction? If so, then I can confidently recognize your club as potential Distinguished Club (or better). Ask your club officers if they use the DCP when setting their club goals. If not, we would be happy to help your club get on track towards being tops in the district.

I am pleased to recognize the following clubs that are already well on their way to potentially achieving Presidents Distinguished this year:

Club NumberClub NameGoals
to Date
to Date
930024The Encredible Toastmasters438
2228Daybreak Toastmasters422
821BodyShops Club724
677476Simply Speaking Toastmasters Club527
1272692Absolutely Articulate730
3975Loveland Sweet Talkers Club526
5314Noonshiners Toastmasters Club424
7818Seamasters Toastmasters Club520
631413Speak with Ease Toastmasters Club521
4780Chamber Speakeasy Club526
6835Arvada Speakeasy Club422
899Westminster Communicators417
5018Apple Polishers528
4128Toast of Inverness Club620
1399South Suburban Toastmasters534
2177Littleton Toastmasters429
844063Wisecrackers Toastmasters Club420
7326Meridian Mid-Day Toastmasters730
983609Western Union Messengers423
3680Castle Rock Club422
3044Pikes Peak Toastmasters Club438

The rest of the clubs will catch up fast, so be watching your end zones for them!

If the Fall District Conference is any measure of your enthusiasm for Toastmasters we are going to score big this year. We broke some long standing attendance statistics this conference; let's keep the momentum going string. Let's win one for the members!

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