Candidates Lineup

John R. Barnes – International Director Candidate – Region 1

During my term as District Governor (2004-2005), I motivated a team of 42 leaders consisting of area governors, division governors, and the top elected and appointed positions to achieve Distinguished status. In 2009, I was selected as the Host District Chairman for the last Region 3 conference which was held in Denver. Again, motivation was key to making the conference a success.

After District leadership, I found the role of mentoring upcoming leaders and other Toastmasters. I believe mentoring is vital for all leaders to achieve their maximum potential.

As an International Director, I will bring my mentoring and motivational skills to serve the Districts in Region 1. I also look forward to strategically planning where our organization will be in five and ten years down the road.

I ask for your support for my candidacy for International Director from Region 1.

J. Randy Penn – International Director Candidate – Region 1

I want to serve Toastmasters as International Director because I enjoy working on the business side of fun! It takes hard work and dedication to look beyond the program, personalities and histories that make up the current organization to strategically see the future. Toastmasters must continue evolving as an organization to reach its worldwide potential, penetrate mature markets and retain members. Our Board needs to explore nontraditional alternatives. I always enjoy looking for the new way, working with a great team and being a part of the process of growth and change.

I serve on three nonprofit Boards and three officers lines in addition to Toastmasters responsibilities. As a Colorado Society Association Executives member, I access the best practices in professional, trade, community, international and regional organizations for all.

For more information, please check out my web site, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter @JRandy14 or Skype for video calls.

The following is paraphrased from the  Campaigning for International Officer or Director  handbook.

Toastmasters International needs effective leaders who have the ability and foresight to guide our organization to new successes and even higher standards of quality. Candidates who are elected to the Board of Directors become part of the governing body of Toastmasters International. They are elected for the purpose of participating in the development of strategy and policy.

Qualities of an Effective Board Member:

  • Personal integrity
  • Leadership understanding and experience
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Effective listening, thinking and speaking skills
  • Ability to analyze information and make decisions
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Experience and achievement in Toastmasters
  • Understanding of Toastmasters programs
  • Policy development experience
  • Understanding of fiduciary responsibilities

Being a Board member offers a tremendous opportunity to expand leadership experience. Board members help guide the direction of the organization and have a positive, lasting impact on Toastmasters’ future. Candidates are expected to maintain the highest level of ethical conduct while leading a positive campaign and to manage their campaigns in a professional manner at all times and with a high level of integrity displayed by all involved.

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