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The team has been chosen from my draft picks and I am quite pleased to announce that we filled out 98% of the team. I am still scouting for few more team players, If you are thinking of playing on our team this year, then please let me know. Tap me on the shoulder when you see me at a Toastmasters Leadership Institute session, or just call or write me. I would love to hear from you if you are considering joining the team.

The team went to training camp on July 10th at the Xilinx retreat in Longmont. We started early with calisthenics, warming up to each other and getting organized for the training ahead. Everyone got their gear, play books, and a good strong cup of coffee and settled down to learn the plays that will make them successful in the coming year. The coaches did a phenomenal job of keeping the training session light and moving. It was a tag team effort with key coaches speaking on their particular expertise. Thank you Norm, Jen, Alan, Carol, Betty, Alex, Joseph, and Bob for your dedication and expertise in making this the best training camp I think we have ever had.

As head coach I let the team know that my goal is to be Presidents Distinguished this year. I believe we have the right team, the heart for the members, and the right game plans to make it happen. What this means is that each player is going to give their all to see that the member is the winner. I believe, and stress, that that is the only way we can achieve our goal. Every member has to feel they are getting their moneys worth for their season overflowing

tickets, otherwise we will fall short of our goal. I don't want to just end the season, or barely win it, I want to be the Super Bowl trophy winner in the eyes of the members of District 26.

The Toastmasters Leadership Institutes are now halfway behind us and many of the team members will be offering private coaching sessions with the club officers on new Toastmasters policies and procedures. Should you miss out on a Toastmasters Leadership Institute near you, please call your dedicated team player (Division or Area Governor) and he or she can brief you on the game plan. We want you, the fan, to enjoy the game and get everything you expected when you bought your season tickets.

With this edition of the District newsletter, you will see that we have made a significant change in the format of the program and will be giving you, the fan, a chance to contribute to the program. Please send any tidbits about your club to our program director, Gordon Savage for consideration. We want to hear from you. We hope you will like the new layout and want keep the program alive. Of course if you have feedback, the program director will be happy to receive that input as well.

The first scrimmage of the new year is about to be played, the Smedley membership contest beginning August 1st and running until September 30th. We hope you are ready to add to your club and build your fan base. This is the ideal time to gather new fans into your club and get recognized for it as well. Fan building is a constant effort and each club should be making plans to grow their ranks as some fans may stray from the game. I would like to hear that all the fan clubs are getting Smedley ribbons this year.

See you at the game!

Hello Julia,

My name is John Murphy. I'm a Toastmaster in St. Louis and co-creator of Club Coach Weekly. I'm writing you as a courtesy to inform you that we featured Excelsior #3247 in our July 31 - August 1st issue.

You may view our newsletter on the District 8 website...

Our mission is to prevent isolation, present ideas and provide inspiration to club coaches throughout the world. Each issue features the successful story of a club coach and a letter of praised written by a member of the coached club.

Excelsior teaches us that insistence on high meeting standards, along with a few marketing approaches, are excellent techniques for rebuilding a club. We are confident that our readers will benefit from their story, their approach and their success.

Have a great day.


District 8 Club Coach Chair
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