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Volume 42
Issue 1
July 2015


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Congratulations District 26 for Achieving Distinguished District for 2014 – 2015

In July 2015, District Governor Linda Rhea wrote: “Together we can create a magical member experience in District 26 in 2014 – 2015!”

The most magical experience happened the day the Distinguished District title showed up on the District 26 dashboard.

The District Officers 2014 – 2015 are proud of every member’s accomplishments and contributions. We thank you for creating the magical experience for members. We are grateful to every member and every club.

Are you ready to Celebrate? District 26 members attending the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas, August 12 – 15, can help carry our banner as we receive the Distinguished District Award.

Let’s celebrate your accomplishments!


Schedule of Events

July 7 – Cheyenne Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)
July 11 – District Officer Training
July 18 – Northern Wyoming Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)
July 28 – District Officer Call
August 1 – Lakewood Makeup TLI
August 1 – Southeast Aurora Makeup TLI
August 6 – Durango Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)
August 6 – Denver Makeup TLI
August 6 – Grand Junction Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)
August 10–11 – TRIO Training
August 12–15 – Toastmasters International Convention

See the district calendar for more details

The New Year Begins

Congratulations District 26 for achieving Distinguished District during 2014 – 2015!

What an accomplishment!

Distinguished District means we worked together to achieve our goals.

Let’s aim even higher in 2015 – 2016 – President’s Distinguished Clubs, Areas, Divisions and District.

Take a moment to set your personal goals for the new year. Commit to your goals by telling fellow club members your plans. Find an accountability partner within your club. Share the growth experience together. Throughout the year as new members join, encourage the new members to set goals. Set a positive example by boldly sharing your goals. When we share openly be build positive healthy relationships.

Relationships keep our members engaged and active in our clubs. When individuals are absent from meetings, then reach out to them. Let them know they were missed. When we know others care, we come back. When we each commit to our goals and groom relationships, we will naturally build our Toastmaster clubs while retaining members.

Retention is enhanced when members get involved with district activities. Volunteer for roles at con- tests, training, and conferences. Volunteer for the demonstration team to build new clubs. Visit other clubs. Write District Dialogue articles. Post club events to the District 26 Facebook page. Engage yourself to engage others. Set goals, build relationships, retain members, and enjoy district activities. Before you know it, the year will have passed.

When June 30, 2016 arrives, we will be transformed. We will have become President’s Distinguished Club, Area, Division, and District for 2015 – 2016.

Go forth and enjoy the journey!

A Very Special Thank You

An incredible year has passed, during which it has been an honor to serve you as the last Lieutenant Governor of Marketing for District 26.

With the new 2015–2016 term coming up, there are changes brewing. These changes included the name – change of the office for which you have elected me to continue to serve, that of Program Quality Director (formerly known as the Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training).

In this role, I will continue to cultivate our District’s continual successes as being the gold standard for leadership development in the Toastmasters organization.

In the 2014–2015 term, we laid the foundation of excellence by achieving Distinguished District status, but we’re not stopping there. We will build on this success to exceed our goals together and strive to achieve President’s Distinguished District as the norm each year.

Teaching, training and mentoring are the passions for which I give my all to ensure our district’s educational goals are met. I will keep you, the members, in the loop every step of the way to prepare you for the changes ahead. I am team – focused and excited to work in collaboration with Toastmasters International on your behalf. I am committed to being a voice to share your ideas, emulate best practices and initiate continual process improvements to make us the best District in the organization.

For this opportunity to serve, inspire and motivate Toastmasters and prospective Toastmasters throughout the District, I raise my glass high in honor to all of you and THANK YOU profusely for allowing me this great opportunity to serve you for another year.


Geographical Club Extension Coordinators

2015–2016 is destined to be a year of learning and growing as we embrace new titles for our District officers.

We probably will just begin to get used to these new titles by the time the year ends.

But wait; there’s more! New opportunities for growth in leadership and communication skills are coming to District 26, and along with these new opportunities will come new titles.

Are you passionate about Toastmasters? Have you wanted to serve in some way within the District but haven’t found your niche? Do you want to expand your leadership and communication options outside your own club?

We’re looking for a team who loves to spread the word about Toastmasters to help us grow new clubs! If this is YOU, you can represent one of the Denver, Eastern, Foothills, Metro, Northern or Southern Areas as a geographical Club Extension Coordinator. For example, “Denver Club Extension Coordinator.”

Kathy Schneebeck Dulnoan has accepted the opportunity to be District Club Extension Chair. We could not have a better leader to help us leverage these new opportunities!

To support these teams takes a “village” of volunteers. We’re updating our list of demonstration meeting participants. These mighty warriors will be the backbone of these Meetings as they fulfill the different meeting roles and help prospective members understand why we have a Toastmaster, Ah–Um Counter, etc.

Please contact either Rhea Thompson at CGD1516@D26Leaders.org or Kathy Schneebeck Dulnoan at extChair1516@D26Leaders.org to let us know you’re ready for the next challenge in your Toastmaster career!


D26 District Officer Training – Making Success a Habit

On Saturday, July 11, the District 26 TRIO – District Director Deborah Frauenfelder, Program Quality Director Darryle Brown and Club Growth Director Rhea Thompson – hosted the District Officer Training, bringing together leaders from across the district to set the stage for the next year.

Region 1 Advisor Mary Morrison, DTM held team – building exercises which, along with expert presentation from volunteers, provided a solid foundation for achieving Toastmasters International, District and Club Missions. Thank you, and a very special thanks to those who helped prepare for this exciting event! Visit the post at https://www.facebook.com/D26Toastmasters for pictures.


Announcing the 2015 –2016 D26 Area Directors

Please welcome the following Area Directors for the 2015–2016 Toastmasters year!

Club Presidents, the Area Directors will reach out to you to schedule visits. Club members, reach out to the Area Directors to help with Area contests. In the near future, Area Directors’ contact information will be posted at www.D26Toastmasters.org/WP/contact/

D–1 Area Director Bobby Olsen
D–2 Area Director Cynthia Thorstad
D–3 Area Director Mark Krekeler
D–5 Area Director Lewis Garber
D–6 Area Director Jacqueline Smith
D–7 Area Director Christopher Pine
D–8 Area Director Hasitha Mahabaduge
E–1 Area Director Chris McMahon
E–2 Area Director Robert Sturtevant
E–3 Area Director Chrysta Bairre
E–4 Area Director Ron Pecoraro
E–5 Area Director Dennis Smythe
E–6 Area Director Hal Lunka
E–7 Area Director Erica Blake
F–1 Area Director Pat Moore
F–2 Area Director Penny Alleman
F–3 Area Director Frank DeDominicis
F–4 Area Director Lori Simpkins
F–5 Area Director John Lee
F–6 Area Director Brian VanKeuren
F–7 Area Director Clare Kennelley
M–1 Area Director Cynthia Schuller
M–2 Area Director Ben Martin
M–3 Area Director Jean Claire Broida
M–4 Area Director Kathi Erber
M–5 Area Director Don Lovett
M–6 Area Director Bill Bevard
N–4 Area Director Krystal Wilder
N–2 Area Director Jude Watters
N–3 Area Director LaRae Johnson
N–1 Area Director Ashley Hagood
S–1 Area Director Jennifer Rivera–Cardona
S–2 Area Director Patricia Saunders
S–3 Area Director Carole Newhouse
S–4 Area Director Victoria Cox
S–5 Area Director Eric Merrell
S–6 Area Director Max Borysko


Calling All Future Distinguished Toastmasters

Ask any Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and they will tell you — They can still remember the day they re- ceived their Distinguished Toastmaster medal.

It was an exciting day for them! Finally, after possibly years of work, they were awarded that most coveted medal.

The path to DTM requires a clear understanding of why you’re doing this; a commit- ment of time; energy; and, a desire to help others.

In return, one is rewarded with new leadership and communication skills, skills that will last a lifetime! These skills are critical to one’s success as an employee ; as a business owner ; as a parent ; and, as a friend.

Haven’t gotten a raise in several years? Get on the path to DTM! Learn new leadership skills and how to pre- sent yourself to your boss!

Ever have your spouse say you don’t hear what he/she is saying? Get on the path to DTM! Impress your spouse by learning how to be a better listener!

Where am I going with all this? One of the requirements to earn your DTM is to become a Club Coach, Club Mentor or Club Sponsor.

New clubs need Sponsors and Mentors, struggling clubs need Coaches to help them to be- come strong, vibrant clubs once again. They need YOU!

The opportunity is here; will you seize it? Come join our team! Submit your name and contact information to either:

Rhea Thompson at CGD1516@D26Leaders.org or Kathy Schneebeck Dulnoan at extChair1516@D26Leaders.org to let us know you’re ready for the next challenge in your Toastmaster career!

Toastmasters: Rome

What does a Toastmaster do when they go on vacation?

On our way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Italy, I thought what fun it would be if we dropped in as a guest at a Toastmaster Club... in Italy! To my delight, the president of the FAO Staff TM club in Rome responded via email as I was boarding the flight out of Denver to Rome asking if I wanted to be Evaluator 2! Eeek! I responded I would be delighted, but might have a little trouble if the speech was in Italian. Before going into airplane mode, she replied indicating their meetings are held in English, at which I promptly agreed! Location of their meetings? They meet across from the Circus Maximus! What a hoot!

Timing was tricky. The plane was delayed 30 minutes into Rome and the meeting was in 1 ½ hours! We quickly determined how to catch a public bus from the airport to the train station — a 60 minute bus ride. After a quick 6 block walk to check — in at the hotel, we caught the subway to 2 blocks from Circus Maximus. Believe it or not, we arrived 10 minutes before the FAO (“Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations”) meeting started! This relatively new group (1 ½ years old) was welcoming and full of enthusiasm and laughter.

All toastmasters should visit other clubs especially if you go to a foreign country! What a great immersion program opportunity!!! What a wonderful start to our vacation!!! Arrivederci!!!


Publisher / Director
Deborah Frauenfelder, DTM
Email: dd1516@d26leaders.org

Wesley Nicholson, CC