2017 Spring Conference

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Dates: May 19-20, 2017

Radisson Denver Southeast
3155 S Vaughn Way
Aurora, CO 80014

Hotel Reservations:
$115 with breakfast included
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Keynote Speaker: International Director Region 1, Margaret Page, DTM

With 30 years of success as an entrepreneur and business leader, Margaret draws on a wealth of insight, experience and education.

Trained and certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington and CoachU, she also attained advanced certifications in Business Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

At heart, Margaret is a strong advocate for continuous professional development, societal contribution, purpose-driven leadership, and values-based philanthropy.





Special Speaker: 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking, Ed Tate

Behind the Curtain: Crunch Time Coaching a Champion!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

But what do you do when you’ve got no time to prepare? As it turns out, there is a specific system for creating new presentations, speeches and stories – quickly, but NOT easily. Once you grasp this system, you could be the next world champion of public speaking.




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Conference Activities

 Friday, May 19, 2017

5:00 PM    Registration/Credentials Open
5:30 PM    First Timers Gathering/Social Hour (Cash Bar)
6:00 PM    Buffer Dinner
7:15 PM    Break
7:30 PM    Table Topics Contest
8:45 PM    Pathways Introduction
9:30 PM    Social Gathering in Hotel Lounge

Saturday, May 20, 2017

7:00 AM    Registration/Credentials Open
7:30 AM    First Timers Gathering
8:00 AM    Opening Session
8:15 AM    Keynote Speaker – Margaret Page, DTM, International Director Region 1, “Lead with Passion and Purpose
9:30 AM    Break
9:40 AM    Educational Session – Ed Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking, “Behind the Curtain: Crunch-Time Coaching a Champion!
10:40 AM   Break
10:50 AM   Educational Session – Margaret Page, DTM, International Director Region 1, “Game Changers: 5 Clutures worth Cultivating
11:50 AM   Break
12:00 PM   Communication and Leadership Luncheon
1:20 PM     Break
1:30 PM     Educational Breakout Sessions
2:00 PM     Credentials Close
2:20 PM     Break
2:30 PM     Banner Parade Lineup
2:45 PM     Banner Parade
3:00 PM     Business Meeting
4:45 PM     Break/Silent Auction Closes
5:00 PM     International Speech Contest Briefing
5:30 PM     Social Hour (Cash Bar)
6:00 PM     District Officers Lineup
6:15 PM     Dignitaries Announced
6:30 PM     Banquet Dinner
7:45 PM     Break
8:00 PM     International Speech Contest
9:45 PM     Retire Colors & Adjourn
10:00 PM   Social Gathering in Hotel Lounge


Educational Sessions:

Mary Morrison – Leaders as Champions of Change

Mary Morrison has spent most of her adult life championing change. She’s worked on technology projects, culture shifts, leadership transitions and strategic planning. She’s heard many times that people don’t like change. And then leaders and others walk away from the very people needed to make the change successful. That doesn’t work well for leaders who want to make change happen. And we don’t want to lose members as we transition to Pathways, Toastmasters new education program. We need club members to help build and maintain healthy clubs. Mary will share techniques to help leaders of change turn resisters into champions.


Sherry Londo-Thomas – The SWAT Method

SWAT your speeches! You will breathe life into your speeches if you SWAT them! Every presentation could benefit from effective storytelling. In this breakout session we will explore why storytelling is so powerful and how to SWAT your audience!



Srikant Mantravadi – Toss Your Tooth on the Roof: Ensure your speech inspires not offends

Understanding and knowing your audience is a key tenet of good public speaking. In this multi-cultural age, knowing the cultural context of your audience is more critical than ever. In this speech, Srikant Mantravadi will provide tips and hints on how 20 minutes of audience research will lead to an inspired speech. When you can season your presentation with specific cultural references, you demonstrate exactly how much you care about your audience, empower them to listen to your thoughts, and let them fully understand why they should listen to you.


Michael Sales – The Trillion Dollar Question

The curtain will be pulled back on secrets to a trillion dollar industry and how they will help you become a world-class speaker! These powerful tactics are directly related to high-level speaking and should be top of mind items in EVERY speech you do. Dare to be great!



Conference Documents: Links will be added as the conference team gets going.

Conference Agenda

Spring Conference Flyer

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Spring Silent Auction Flyer

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Proxy Form Spring 2017 – Presidents/VP Education if you can’t attend the business meeting on May 20, 2017 at 3:00 pm, then print and give proxy to a club member who is attending conference. Proxy holders and Presidents/VP Educations need to process through Credentials which closes at 2:00 pm. So plan to arrive by 1:00 pm in case a line exists.

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Refund Details

We will refund as indicated in the chart below. Please be aware, refunds are not available for those who pre-registered during our District 26 Fall Conference in November 2016! Email the Registration Chair, Clare Kennelley, cek80228@yahoo.com by the date indicated. Late requests for refunds will not be honored.


Refund By date
100% February 13, 2017-April 7, 2017
75% April 8, 2017-April 28, 2017
50% April 29, 2017-May 5, 2017
25% May 6, 2017-May 12, 2017
0% After May 12, 2017


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